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Who We Are

Poke Fresh is a locally owned Seattle restaurant, but our story began in the 1990’s on our weekend fishing trips. Our love for the early morning catch and the time spent eating what we caught is what really spurred our passion for anything Poke.

Our love for fishing and eating has evolved over the years into serving fresh poke. We believe that real passion is expressed when we share what we love, and my friends, poke is what we love and so it is what we share.

Poke Fresh

Poke is such a versatile dish in which simple ingredients come together to form the purest taste of fish.
While Poke is a Hawaiian staple, our mission is to use fresh fish from the great Northwest and bring forth nostalgic tastes of the Hawaiian people to Seattle.
While sushi may have dominated here in Seattle we believe that poke is an up and coming food that provides the quick and healthy experience to all people. Come visit us in our Roosevelt location!

Our Mission

Our focus here at Poke Fresh is to ensure the most quality fish and fresh tasting bowls. We value our customer’s opinions and look to always create new recipes and food options to not only meet our customer needs but to exceed with umami flavors. Our team is committed to creating a customer experience that is consistent and personal. We believe that people are more important than the program and encourage authentic friendships to be formed as we serve our customers. Furthermore, a clean atmosphere and environment is key to our business philosophy and we are always looking to increase clean practice with our store.